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A little about what we do.

Cloud Services Cloud Services

Touchdown the land of endless possibilities and grow your business with innovative, cutting edge solutions from Summitery, including Website hosting, Custom App development, Custom workflows and much more.

Mobile Apps Mobile Apps

Your customers and clients love the idea of being able to stay in touch with your company always. With a click of a button , then can have access to what you offer anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Push your business to the future with Summitery.

Websites & Web Apps Websites & Web Apps

At Summitery, we create websites using modern designs and state of the art technologies that provide you with features for your organization that are professionally developed and optimized for the best desktop, mobile and tablet experiences. Worry no more about responsivity . Easy to maintain, easy to grow. Not only websites but customized web applications […]

Summitery Writing Down

I’m a guy with a philosophy… and technology is my tool

I’m a guy with a philosophy… and technology is my tool

Posted by on Feb 12, 2015 in Description, Technology | No Comments

“Who am i?! Is this question always that challenging?!… I wonder! I know I’m pretty talkative and words are my game, but that never served in the task of me describing… me! But you know what, this never had a negative impact on me as I used to SHOW who I am and gradually people […]

Time is making fun of us

Time is making fun of us

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in Technology | 8,924 Comments

Well, I’m not actually used to putting to-do-lists and stuff. I feel like if I wrote down my tasks they will be stuck inside that piece of paper and will never get done. It’s a stereotype honestly.. read if I shared it I can do it, so I put my plan, specific tasks, deadlines, how […]